I just wanna have abs…olutely all the pasta and breadsticks

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Imagine being given a list of all the people who made you into the person you are today. And next to their name you could see the exact personality trait you got because of them.

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One day your child will bring home a friend and introduce them and they’ll have the name of a fictional character and you silently whisper “I can’t believe their parents were in ‘that’ fandom!”

#i don’t care how cute he is you can’t hang out with cullen anymore

"Mommy, guess what!"


"I made a new friend!"

"Oh? What’s their name?"

"Elsa! She’s really cool!"

*tries not to crack up*

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I know I shouldn’t be
but I’m scared of my future
of what will come
of what I’ll lose.

I’m so afraid of not achieving anything
and letting people down
or no one staying by my side
or being stuck here forever.

Sometimes I think life is not for me
it’s full of emotions and so much to handle
so much to worry about
so much to feel.

Who knows what life is all about
I don’t know how long it will take me
to realize that life will never make sense
and I just have to try to be happy
and be a good human.

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